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Cybernoid 3: PHOENIX

GamesPosted by wotp_ Sat, September 22, 2007 04:18:00

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Steve's Cybernoid 3 is a very special game to the both of us for so many reasons. We've actually been working on it for quite a while now, and as I've been testing it alot, I honestly think it's his best work so far and I reckon all Cybernoid fans out there ought to really like it! Even though it's not an official sequel to the series, we in Azurebot like to think of it as we're making it in the same pattern as Mr. Raffaele Cecco [developer of Cybernoid 1 and 2] would with today's technology; we're keeping it 2D but updating the graphics and tuning the gameplay a bit. Kickin' it up a notch!

I've tried really hard making this look somewhat industrial and dark, playing with big contrasts, as opposed to sticking to primary colors like many other retro-designers tend to do, and I hope that's something people will pay attention to when playing it. As I've often been criticised for using complex shading on my sprites, I'm excited to hear the feedback on this one as it's a bit of a fusion between smooth gradients and pixel art. I personally think it's an interesting look and I hope you share my enthusiasm once you see it all animated in-game.

You can catch a small glimpse of how the new graphics looks like here!

I know Steve's been dying to get this game done for ages now, and I'm happy to announce that it should be done within a month or three [depending on how fast Steve's able to slap my new graphics into the game].

Speaking of Steve, in case you haven't noticed, I've got around uploading all his previous work here, so please do have a look if you fancy some retro games.

One of the reasons why Cybernoid 3 is a special game to me is simply because this'll be my very last 2D game. I've had a good run remaking some graphics for u2bs, Space-Time Games, ProjectorGames, Normo's and Retro Remakes, but from now on I'll spend my time focusing on my artwork and 3D modelling, expanding my personal portfolio. I've already started out with Azurebot's newest game And She Smiled: The Waiting Room which will be a 3D adventure game out of the same world as the comic [And She Smiled] I'm working on simultaneously. I've already shared some of the artwork and the WIP soundtrack with some mates of mine, and so far they seem to like it [but at the same time a tad confused about where I'm actually heading with this. But I think it'll be clear in time as we've just started and this will be a long-term project.]

Finally! As I'm currently designing characters for Waiting Room I'd love to get your ideas on the term "retro". Please do send us a mail or simply comment on this post with your definition of a "retro" looking character in terms of appearance.

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